A landmark in the Brussels skyline, a monumental structure halfway between sculpture and architecture and where the cube flirts with the sphere, a remnant of the past with resolutely futuristic looks, a museum and exhibition centre: the Atomium is both an object, a place, a space, a utopia and a unique emblem in the world which - ultimately - escapes all form of classification.

The building was designed and built for the Brussels World's Fair (1958), for which it was the flagship building and emblem.

This unique silhouette has been noticed for a long time and is very popular around the world. Numerous internet rankings include the Atomium in the top pack of unclassifiable, astounding, creative and surprising buildings in the world.

The Atomium was not meant to survive beyond the 1958 World's Fair but its popularity and success quickly made it a major part of the Brussels landscape, then national and finally international.

Beyond its symbolic value linked to its history, the Atomium is also one of the icons of Brussels - the capital of Europe - with which it maintains privileged relations. Since its magnificent restoration (2006), which many do not hesitate from calling the most Belgian of monuments rediscovered its place as an international symbol and icon.

In addition to being the most popular attraction in the capital and of offering the most beautiful view of the city of Brussels, it is also a unique place to organise your event or shoots.

The Atomium on the Internet

  • 3,570,000 references on the Internet
  • 125,000 sites linking directly to its website
  • 411,000,000 pictures shared on Instagram with #atomium
  • 52,972 Facebook fans
  • more than 2,500 unique visitors each day to its website

The Atomium in real life

  • 600,000 visitors a year
  • record visits in one day: 4,700 visitors on 17.08.2008
  • over 100 private events per year with tens of thousands of participants
  • a dozen visits by Heads of State each year, privately or officially
  • the Atomium also serves as a backdrop for dozens of photo shoots for fashion, design or architecture magazines
  • numerous national and international broadcasts (radio and TV) are recorded each year at the base or from inside the Atomium, including the famous Amazing Race