Lower sphere (levels 1 & 2) + panorama (level 7)

Atomium. From symbol to icon.

On 17th April 1958, the last universal world fair organised by Belgium was inaugurated on the Heysel site in Brussels.  A hugely colourful event, spreading a message full of boundless optimism, reflecting a society characterised by confidence in its future, Expo 58 inspires fond memories in our collective consciousness.

The permanent exhibition retraces over 60 years of history of the old pavilion of Expo58 that has now become the international symbol of Belgium and Brussels. A second part is dedicated to the decline of the building in the nineties, followed by its reopening in 2006 to culminate in the current project.

The exhibition is spread over three levels.
One part in the lower sphere (levels 1 & 2) where, through archived documents, photographs, videos from the era as well as countless models, the visitor will be immersed in the heart of this prestigious and unforgettable adventure.

And the other part at the panorama (level 7) where the visitor has the opportunity to compare today's view with the view their predecessors would have been able to see in 1958.

For some, this is the perfect opportunity to rediscover this enchanting event; for others, who know nothing about Expo 58 and its passion for progress and happiness, this is a chance to understand the dream that still infuses the Atomium with magic.


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