A digital experience, immersing you in sound & light.

Temporary exhibition on multiple levels

From 03/02/2023

From February 2023, the Atomium will invite the artist collective Visual System to occupy its exhibition spaces and dedicates its program to digital art. RESTART, a temporary exhibition, and CENTRALE, a permanent installation, will depict the Atomium in light and sound.

Since 2013, the Atomium, which is also a cultural venue, has been offering a look at digital creation. It regularly gives carte blanche to artists who create immersive and original universes in the exhibition sphere. These projects, exploit the magic of the space and accentuate the building's heritage richness. In 2023, the Atomium will be fully committed to the digital dimension, dedicating its programming of exhibitions, installations and performances to this domain of artistic creation.

Visual System is part of this innovative and bold proposal by the Atomium. "We welcome this collaboration with Visual System," explains the Atomium's management. And further: "Through their technical craftsmanship and the poetry of their artistic designs, their creations fulfil our ambitions and the expectations of our various audiences. Their passion and enthusiasm for the building make it a creative breeding ground, where lustful experimentation can take place and where strong and unique projects are developed that mark our programming."

For this new edition, Visual System is designing RESTART, a temporary exhibition, and CENTRALE, a permanent installation. Sculpture benches complement these creations by offering visitors a seat, adding to the contemplative experience. Visual System thus gives life to an overall work that immerses the visitor in the heart of a synesthetic journey, as spectacular as it is hypnotic. An invitation to explore, surrender and experience intense interaction. By creating this intimate moment, Visual System poetises light, sound and architecture through abstract narrative and pure emotion.

Visual System is a collective of multidisciplinary artists who since 2007 have been exploring the links between creative techniques and visual perception. It creates hypnotic immersive environments, with light and sound, that explore the relationship between space and time, nature and science, waking dreams and reality. Their installations, both permanent and temporary, allow the audience to move at their own pace to discover the spaces they walk through in a new light.

Previous collaborations between Atomium Expo and Visual System :
2013 : ‘Digital Poem’
2014 : Out of Control 
2016 : TALK 
2018 : A Circular Journey 

2019: Symbol 

Praktische Informationen


Diese Ausstellung findet in der Lotto/Expo Kugel statt.


03.02.2023 - 24.09.2023


10 - 18 Uhr (letzter Einlass um 17.30 Uhr)


Der Zugang zur temporären Ausstellung ist in der Eintrittskarte des Atomiums und im Rundgang durch die Geschichte des Denkmals enthalten. Es fallen daher keine zusätzlichen Kosten an.


Diese zeitweilige Ausstellung RESTART ist möglicherweise nicht geeignet für
Personen die an Epilepsie leiden.

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