Upper sphere (level 7)

The main panorama in the Atomium - reputed to be the most magnificent view in Brussels - is situated in the upper sphere of the building (part 1 of the visit).
In good weather, you can even see Antwerp. 

  • Altitude: 92m
  • Access: lift
  • View: 360°
  • Panels to identify the various monuments in the city of Brussels
  • Panels stating the distances between Brussels and other major world cities
  • Panels with views of Expo 58 as it extended around the Atomium, over 60 years ago (first part of the permanent exhibition)
  • The panorama is part of the spaces available to rent: find out more!

As an anecdote, not a week goes by without a young couple in love visiting the panorama to pop the question. All our best wishes go with them!


Lateral sphere (level 6)

The viewpoint is in one of the lateral spheres (part 2 of the visit).
The best spot for photographers.

  • Altitude: 36m
  • Access: escalators
  • View: 150°
  • The viewpoint provides a view of the city through the Atomium's structure
  • This location is particularly appreciated by photographers for the countless compositional opportunities it provides