New conditions [update - July 1st 2020]

In order to guarantee the well-being and health of both our visitors and our staff, the Atomium has taken several practical measures [June 2020 / next update in July], without compromising the pleasure of your visit.

What does not change

  • the Atomium is and will always remain the symbol of Brussels and Belgium
  • opening days [7/7 - 365/365 from July 1st]
  • the tour always includes the visit of 5 spheres, including the panorama
  • the Atomium entry ticket always includes entry to the ADAM - Brussels Design Museum located 150m from the Atomium [5min. walk]
  • tickets can be bought at the cash desk
  • a commented tour with a free App
  • a souvenir shop in the colors of the Atomium, Brussels and Belgitude
  • perched 100m above ground in the top sphere of the capital city’s most impressive monument, Atomium Restaurant treats you to an extraordinary experience
  • a combined ticket Atomium + Mini-Europe to fully enjoy your stay
  • a team ready to welcome you in the best conditions for all

What changes momentarily

  • temporary suspension of group tours and guided tours
  • temporary suspension of combined tickets [except with Mini-Europe] and partnerships
  • a limitation on the number of visitors simultaneously present inside the building
  • traffic conditions inside and around the building
  • removal of chairs, benches and other places to sit
  • limited access to the snack bar

Please read all of these below in detail.


Opening days

Every day [7/7 - 365/365]: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. [last entry at 5.30 p.m.]


  • Tickets are preferably purchased online, although the cash desk on-site is also available.
  • When buying online, you will be asked to choose a date and a visit time that we ask you to respect in order to reduce your waiting time in the queue but also to guarantee fluidity inside the building.
  • People enter the building by order of arrival as part of their time slot.
  • The number of tickets per buyer is limited to 5 people, all living under the same roof.
  • Combined ticket Atomium + Mini-Europe is only on sale at the Atomium ticket office [on site] with the obligation to start the visit with the Atomium
  • Group tickets as well as combined ticket with the Planetarium are temporarily unavailable.
  • Partnerships [Brussels Card, Train World, Bus Hop On Hop Off] are temporarily suspended.
  • B-Excursions tickets [train + Atomium tour / ADAM Brussels Design Museum / Mini-Europe] are temporarily suspended.

Travel light

  • The cloakroom is inaccessible. It won’t be possible to drop luggage or [large] bags which are prohibited inside the building. So leave them at home.
  • Strollers can be left in the pavilion [concrete building at the foot of the Atomium].

Travel safe

  • Any visitor over the age of 12 must wear a mask that covers both the nose and the mouth.



  • We ask you to follow the yellow signage which has been specially designed to accompany you during this period.


The Atomium site consists of two separate buildings:

  1. the pavilion [concrete building at the foot of the Atomium]

  2. the Atomium itself

Each building has its own entrance, which implies the existence of two separate lines: a first line towards the pavilion and a second line towards the Atomium.

  • If you already have an e-ticket: you are invited to take your place directly in the line towards the Atomium.

  • If you do not have an e-ticket: you are invited to take your place in the line towards the pavilion to buy a ticket. You will then have to join the line towards the Atomium.

Electronic ticket [e-tickets] purchased in advance allow you to take your place directly in the line towards the Atomium without having to go through the pavilion [cash desk].
Electronic ticket [e-ticket] allow you to cut the line towards the pavilion [cash desk], but not the line towards the Atomium.

Outdoor line to the pavilion

  • The line to the entrance of the pavilion is managed by a member of our staff.

In the pavilion [cash desk, toilet, cloakroom, troller space]

  • At the entrance of the pavilion, a member of the staff manages the flow [entry and exit to the cash desk and toilet].

Cash desk [purchase of tickets]
  • The cash desk [purchase of tickets] is partially open [one out of three].
  • Only one person per group may enter the pavilion.
  • Only electronic payment is accepted.

  • However, the pavilion is partially open with an access to the paid [€0,50] toilets [woman, man, PRM] as well as a space for strollers [mandatory].
  • At the entrance of the pavilion, a member of our staff manages the flow [entry and exit to the toilets].
  • We guarantee a cleaning of the toilets after each use.

  • The cloakroom is inaccessible. It won’t be possible to drop luggage or [large] bags which are prohibited inside the building. So leave them at home.

Queue towards the entrance of the Atomium

  • In order to avoid waiting times, please present yourself in the queue towards the entrance of the Atomium on the date and time indicated on your e-ticket.
  • People then enter by order of arrival as part of their time slot.
  • Yellow signage on the ground allow you to wait within safe distances.
  • The queue for entry to the Atomium as well as the entry to the Atomium are managed by a member of our staff.


  • Entering the Atomium involves wearing a mask [mandatory].

  • For the distracted and forgetful, a distributor of masks [paid] is available on the ground floor of the Atomium.
  • You will be invited to scan your e-ticket yourself [on paper or on your smartphone].
  • Bollards with hydro-alcoholic gel are placed at the entrance of the building and then disseminated throughout the tour: make good use of it.
  • Sensitive areas such as stairways and escalators are cleaned and disinfected several times a day.
  • Respect the one way route which is marked in yellow. 
Turning around or going upstream is prohibited.
  • To guarantee safety distances: stay close to the people you are visiting with in order to form small cells.
 Pay special attention to children.
  • Maintain a safety distance of 1.5m with other [groups of] visitors.
  • Stay in motion to avoid traffic jams.
  • All seats, chairs and benches have also been removed from the route.
  • Do not touch the objects on display, or any other surface in general.
  • If you have to cough or sneeze, do it in your elbow.
  • Our staff is present in the different spheres and remains available to answer your questions or to guide you. For the well-being of everyone, please maintain a safety distance.

The tour

The Atomium entry ticket gives access to a tour which is divided into two stages:

1 / The panorama (*)
  • Departure from the ground floor [level 0] by elevator to the panorama [level 7].
  • Return from the panorama [level 7] by elevator to the ground floor [level 0] to continue the visit or exit.

2 / The exhibitions

(*) by elevator only [except in case of emergency].
(**) this course includes, in addition to escalators, 80 steps to climb and 167 steps to descend divided into various sections. Passing through one of the tubes could be inconvenient for people with epilepsy.

Note : the panoramic restaurant [level 8, just above the panorama] and the shop [niveau 0] are accessible.

It remains prohibited:

  • to smoke,
  • to bring and consume food and / or drinks,
  • to enter the building with animals, with the only exception of guide dogs,
  • to walk barefoot,
  • to circulate in an outfit likely to bring a disturbance to public order,
  • to demonstrate and deploy banners.


  • The exit is via the entrance airlock. 
You will be guided by our staff to avoid crossing other visitors.


At the corner of the pavilion, the snack counter is accessible during the opening hours of the Atomium in take-away mode, without the possibility of sitting inside.

  • one person at a time inside
  • outside line respecting safety distances
  • hydro-alcoholic gel available
  • payment by debit or credit card
  • the staff welcomes and serves you with a mask

It’s a joy for all of us to welcome you again!