Restricted tour: from November 14th through November 23rd 2016, the sphere with the temporary exhibitions (levels 3 and 4) will not be available due to assembling works. Please accept our apologies.
>>> The permanent exhibition (levels 1 & 2); the central sphere (level 5); the view point (level 6), the panorama 360° (level 7) and the panoramic restaurant (level 8) will remain accessible.



Travel in style.

Temporary exhibition on 3 floors / temporary exhibition Spheres (levels 3, 4 & 5)

>>> 24.11.2016 - 10.09.2017


In a time of low cost, we would almost forget there was a time when traveling by airplane belonged to the top of glamour. Among the airlines, that realised many dreams, SABENA belonged to the top for decades. Their slogan You’re in good hands promised to rhyme transport with comfort
The exhibition SABENA. Travel in style immerses you in the enchanting world of SABENA, the Belgian World Airlines.

The visitor will discover original objects, several airplane scale models, uniforms, posters, photos, movies and some gadgets and other souvenirs from private and public collections. These illustrate the 78 years this commercial air company was in service.


The exhibition reproduces the full experience going from the check-in, the boarding and the flight itself with the service and comfort, which made this an experience reserved exclusively for the upper class. 


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