Kids’ sphere

An urbane pedagogy concept.





The creation and development of the Kids’ Sphere was the result of the Atomium’s desire to create an educational project based on the building’s characteristics and features as well as its history and its symbolic value. 

The resulting project invites children to spend a night at the Atomium; to marvel at the panoramic view of Brussels from its spheres; and to make the most of their visit to discover other symbolic parts of Brussels
The desire to highlight the educational aspect of the Atomium is based on the idea that towns and cities play a major role in society today. Understanding this environment which is both familiar and worrying is certainly a key area for integration and development for children.
>>> As far as the practicalities are concerned, the group of children and their accompanying adults arrive at the Atomium at 5.30pm and spend the night there. A film is put on, and all meals and facilities are laid on in the Sphere. The children sleep in small groups (3-4 maximum) in the mini-spheres, also referred to, rather poetically, as raindrops, which have been specially designed by the Spanish artist Alicia Framis.
The next morning, after breakfast in the Kids' Sphere, there is a presentation about the Atomium. The experience ends at 10am in the morning.



Practical info

This activity is only intended for primary school children, aged between 6 and 12 within the framework of a school project.


  • capacity: between 10 (minimum) and 24 children (maximum), plus 2 accompanying adults (maximum).
  • times: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (outside official Belgian holidays). Arrival at 5.30pm, departure the next morning at 10am.
  • price: €35/night, inclusive of all taxes, per person (children and adults). 

> Included in the price:


  • furniture (table and chairs, 1 plasma screen TV + DVD player),
  • the use of bathroom facilities (1 shower, 3 toilets, sinks),
  • the night  caretakers and technical support staff,
  • the evening meal as well as breakfast in the Kids’ Sphere,
  • a guided visit after breakfast,
  • a fun film to watch in the evening (you can bring your own DVDs).



> Not included in the price:


  • insurance,
  • bedding, (please bring a sleeping bag and relatively warm pyjamas), toiletries (towel, soap etc.),
  • lunch, drinks other than water provided with the evening meal and hot chocolate and coffee/tea provided with breakfast (we can’t sell drinks in the evening and can’t give alcohol to adults),
  • access to other museums or venues outside the Atomium,
  • items and souvenirs on sale in the Atomium shop,
  • any specialist guides during the visit.


> N.B.:


  • access to the Kids’ Sphere is inevitably via stairs. We therefore recommend that parents make sure that their children’s luggage is as light as possible, and preferably contained in rucksacks.
  • the prices on our website are merely informative; they may be subject to adjustments. Please get information about the correct fees via Beverley Glineur when making your reservation.



Booking procedure


The calendar of the school years 2020-2021 and 2021-2022, 2022-2023 is already open for reservation.


All bookings are subject to an agreement between Atomium asbl and the institution, signed before the event. A deposit of €350 must be paid into Atomium absl’s bank account when the booking is confirmed. The booking comes into effect when this deposit is received. The balance must be paid at least 48 hours before the date of the event. The booking must be confirmed in writing.


> N.B.:


  • the Atomium reserves the right to cancel a reservation if there are less than 10 children in the class or more than 24 children. Even if the reservation was made the year before.
  • if the booking is cancelled less than 60 days before the date of your stay, the deposit will not be refunded. Notification of cancellation must be confirmed in writing.

>>> Info & booking


Beverley GLINEUR / beverley glineur atomium be / +32 (0)2 475 47 70 & +32 (0)472 74 32 44






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