Temporary exhibition

>>> From 18 June to 22 September 2013. Open every day from 10h00 to 18h00.

>>> Access to both exhibitions is included in the normal Atomium entrance fee.




Visual System, Anti VJ (Joanie Lemercier) and LAb[au] are joining forces for this first edition of ID, the new annual summer festival at the Atomium. From June to September, artists will have carte blanche in the Atomium’s temporary exhibition area.


This edition is inspired by le poème digital (digital poem) of Le Corbusier and Xenakis. Their work was presented during Expo58.


More than 50 years after Le Corbusier and in the same spirit, contemporary artists combine their sound, light and digital creations to allow visitors to discover the Atomium in a new and contemporary light. The unique interiors with tubes, spheres and metal structures are even more striking. Lab[au] explores the optical and physical qualities of light on the first floor. Visual System and AntiVJ use the spatial qualities of light on the second floor. Lab[au] presents a monumental triptych in glass that refracts and reflects the light. Visual System and AntiVJ are working together on an installation, specially designed for the building. Sticks (re)shape the light and respond to tones and sounds. The entire installation plays in on the spherical shape of the dome.





The temporary exhibition ID#2013 is open from 18 June 2013 to 22 September 2013, every day from 10 to 18h00. (Atomium opening hours). Access to both exhibitions is included in the normal Atomium entrance fee and in the normal visitor’s circuit.


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