Free commented tour on your smartphone: following the model of an audio guide, the CloudGuide-Atomium application gives the visitors with a smartphone [iPhone & Android] information during their visit.

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Throughout the building: a unique piece of architecture, playfully combining daring design and technical expertise.


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Upper sphere: from a height of 92m, take in the unique, breathtaking view of the city of Brussels. By clear weather, you can see Antwerps cathedral and its port.


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Permanent exhibition: Atomium. From symbol to icon.

On three floors: base sphere (levels 1 & 2) + panorama (level 7).




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Temporary exhibition: SABENA. Travel in styleIn a time of low cost, we would almost forget there was a time when traveling by airplane belonged to the top of glamour. Among the airlines, that realised many dreams, SABENA belonged to the top for decades. Their slogan You’re in good hands promised to rhyme transport with comfort

The exhibition SABENA. Travel in style immerses you in the enchanting world of SABENA, the Belgian World Airlines.

>>> 24.11.2016 - 10.09.2017


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Combined ticket Atomium + ADAM (Art & Design Atomium Museum): discover the new museum and art centre in Brussels, dedicated to design and art from the XXth century until today, situated next to the Atomium.


You can now visit the two institutions at an advantageous price.

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Combined ticket Atomium + Mini-Europe: discover Europe’s nicest places! Located at the foot of the Atomium, Mini-Europe is the only park where you can have a tour around Europe in a few short hours. A truly unique voyage !


You can now visit the two attractions at an advantageous price.

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Combined tickets Atomium + Mini-Europe + Océade: the north of Brussels (Heyzel) becomes  a real culture- and leisure destination. Visit the Atomium, enjoy Mini-Europe afterwards (at the foot of the Atomium) and take a swim at the Oceade swimming paradise (neighbour of Mini-Europe). Do you dare to take all slides?  You enjoy all this at a preferential price.


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Partnerschip Atomium + Expo Dino World [Brussels - 100m far from the Atomium].
  • Show your Expo Dino World entrance ticket at the Atomium cash desk and receive a reduction. With the purchase of an individual ticket [regular price] you’ll pay the group price instead.

  • Your Atomium ticket also entitles you at Expo Dino World to receive the group price with the purchase of an individual ticket [regular price].




Partnerschip Atomium + Train World [Brussels].
  • Show your Train World entrance ticket at the Atomium cash desk and receive a reduction. With the purchase of an individual ticket [regular price] you’ll pay the group price instead.

  • Your Atomium ticket also entitles you at Train World to receive the group price with the purchase of an individual ticket [regular price].
  • Direct connection between the 2 attractions: 10 min. with tram 7 [Heysel > Princ. Elisabeth]


Exhibitions coming soon



  • Magritte. Atomium meets Surrealism >>>  21.09.2017 - 2018


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