Expo 58 (collector DVD + book)


Expo 58 through the eyes of the people who were there and who observed and filmed their era with the fascination that it deserved. Right at the heart of the images was the Atomium, the symbol of Expo 58, and of the new atomic age.
The DVD features 11 reports and documentaries by directors Paul Flon, Paul Haesaerts and Gaston Schoukens as well as amateur film-makers like Maurice Lefèvre, alongside contributions from other directors who have remained anonymous.
The booklet contains contributions from Marc Reynebeau, Diane Hennebert, Rika Devos, Mil De Kooning and Johanna Kint who provide commentaries for the films on the DVD and put them into context.

Trilingual DVD, French - Dutch - English / trilingual subtitles, French - Dutch - English / Collection Les DVD de la Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique, 2006.

Retail price: €19 


Expotopia. Les expos belges (collector DVD + booklet)


The Brussels World Fair of 1958 was a key moment in Belgium's post-war history. It was intended to be a monument to modernity, designed to be a utopian dream which would bring peace and reconciliation to the world with the help of the latest technology.


Belgium had organised many world fairs in the twentieth century: before Expo 58, there was Brussels in 1935, Antwerp and Liège in 1930, Ghent in 1913 and Brussels in 1910.


The combination of futurism, exoticism and traditionalism were the order of the day for each of these events which were keen to reflect their era including its dreams, obsessions and concerns.


After 1910, these fairs which were such accurate snapshots of their time were captured on film by film-makers from around the world.

151 minutes / all areas / collector DVD + 83-page booklet / languages: French - Dutch / Navigation in French, English and Dutch / subtitles: French - English - Dutch / Collection Les DVD de la Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique, 2008.

Retail price: €19



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